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Ever think of how much FDR's New Deal, brought Albuquerque?

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Mar. 1st, 2011 | 11:19 am
posted by: killbox in abq_urbex

As found as: http://atlas.nmhum.org/atlas.php?gmap=42


Schools and Public Buildings from the New Deal Era, some of which house New Deal art.

Use the following identifiers when you go sleuthing through New Mexico to find the buildings and structures built by the New Deal (ND); find the ones that also have ND public art in them (ND/Art), find the ones that have furniture and fixtures gracing them (ND/Furniture & fixtures); and finally the public buildings that were not built by the New Deal but have the fortune of displaying the ND art in them. (ART ONLY).


Schools - All ND

Armijo, Coronado, Duranes, Five Points, Harwood, ?La Mesa, Lew Wallace, Lincoln, Los Candelarias, ?Pajarito, Roosevelt, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Stronghurst

UNM Area

Anthropology - former Old Student Union - ND

Zimmerman Library - ND/Fixtures & Furniture?

Scholes Hall - ND

Bandelier West, Marin Hall, Navy ROTC, Golf Course, Couples Apt. - ND

Monte Vista Fire Station Restaurant - ND

President?s Home - ND/Fixtures & Furniture

Carrie Tingley Hospital - ART ONLY

University Fine Arts Museum - ART ONLY

Jonson Gallery - ART ONLY


Albuquerque Little Theater - ND/Fixtures/Furniture, ? Mural destroyed?

Albuquerque Museum - ART ONLY

Old Albuquerque High School - ND (now condos off Central Ave)

Tingley Field Stadium - ND

Tingley Beach - ND

Old Chamber of Commerce Bldg. - ND

Old U.S. Federal Building - ART ONLY

Old Public Library - Special Collections - ART ONLY

U.S. Forest Service Building - ART ONLY - ?

Large topographic map on lobby wall ?Bernalillo City-County Chambers - ART ONLY

Other Areas:

NM State Fairgrounds

Fine Arts Bldg. - ND/Art in storage?

Bolack Bldg. - ND

? 2 horse stables - ND

? Entrances - ND?

Old Airport - ND/furniture, fixtures

?Heights Community Center - ND

?Roosevelt Park - ND

?Milne Stadium - ND

?Kiwanis Cabin (Cibola Nat. Forest) - ND

?Grassy Mountain Lookout Cabin (Cibola Nat. Forest) - ND?

Cedro Peak Fire Lookout (Cibola Nat. Forest) - ND?

Kirtland Air Force Base-Officers Club - ART ONLY

Juan Tabo Recreational Area - ND

National Hispanic Cultural Center - San Jose School - ND? now a restaurant
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