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Exploring. is sometimes and Adventure.

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Apr. 8th, 2011 | 05:00 pm
posted by: killbox in abq_urbex

This last weekend, a few fellow Photographers, and I (this included 4 people ive explored before with atleast a little in the past)

We wanted to go do something a little less urban, We wanted to head out to some ruins of a nearby ghost town. I'd been by once as a kid, and then once as a photographer with some friends in 2006, And was anxious to go back and see more of it. Google earth indicated i had seen the big structures, but missed several foundations an 2 mineheads. And who knows what other discoveries there were to see, I was also anxious to see what i could do now that im a little better photographer.

Once our group was assembled we too 2 cars on out, Passing Coyote, and found it(Hagen) just about as easily as I remembered it, still looked like it did in 2006,

DSC_9544 DSC_9569

One member and I hiked from the cars over to the site, and started trying to get to the more north end of town, (wanted to start there working my way south), We really only got a few foundations in before i was looking at a bit of burred iron pipe and noticed a jeep coming up upon us. (the wind out there eats sound more so than i would have thought), It was too late to hide, so i was just hoping it was a fellow explorer.

Turned out to be a guide for NM jeep tours, a local for profit group that takes rich folks out to see sites like these. Apparently they have a deal worked out with the land owner. (Whomever owns the Diamond Tail Ranch), he was a little gruff with us demanding signed permission from the owners, Without that he told us he was not going to call the authorities but to take off, "He has our licence plate numbers, we should hike back down the jeep trail to the road and go back to our cars.) he took his 2 customers further south into Hagen, And my companion and i slowly went along the jeep trail photographing and looking along the way. I tried to txt my compatriots, but was unsure due to crappy signal.

jeep tours dude

Turns out their group kinda split up, 2 went back to the cars, and the 3rd talked to the jeep dude, whom was apparently more of an asshole to her. kinda put the scare into her, so they all went back to the cars (directly, across the aroyo/field), our rout took some time to get us back to the main road, and even more time to get to where the cars were parked. When we got there after not having seen any of the folks, we were surprised to find our cars gone, and no cell phone signal. (although i had a message on screen earlier telling me i had voicemail. but could not check it internationally roaming)

We tried to track the cars, on the dirt road, it looked like they went south for a while then one turned around, we decided our best bet was to walk the direction of the road we knew (north) and look for some spot with better cellphone coverage. Finally found better coverage and got a txt saying they were afraid he called the sheriff and they would come back for us later. let them know we were walking north. after about a mile they caught up with us.

We recounted the stories, and decided to bail on Hagen (the jeep tours guy had already gone away, we were probably good, but he might have called someone on the ranch to checkup on us.

We then photographed The Ghost town Coyote from the roadside.
DSC_9589 DSC_9586 DSC_9582

We then decided to go checkout another possible abandonment one of the group thought they knew how to get there. As we got to looking for it, our group was glad to find it was the same one we all wanted to photograph along the railrunner route. Although it was on Indian land(and there is some risk to photographing there), we tried to just photograph white-man structures.

First we took photos of the burned out Santo Domingo Trading post (turns out it got a 1million dollar grant to rebuild, although i didn't see any sign of that)
DSC_9596 DSC_9605
DSC_9602 DSC_9608

And some surrounding abandoned buildings.
DSC_9645 DSC_9637

Then off to what appears to be a workworking factory, of which no name can be found, only that the EPA report calls. "DOMINGO ABANDONED FACILITY" no other name has been found, It was placed on a superfund checkout site for possible contamination, (no substances were listed, unsure if its really ever been checked)

This facility was pretty stripped, folks have tagged it up, and built skating slides and such in it, shot holes in it and all, It sits right along the railrunner lines.

DSC_9663 DSC_9766
DSC_9676 DSC_9763
DSC_9691 DSC_9686
DSC_9726 DSC_9745
DSC_9677 DSC_9701

Finally we said good bye to this site, and hopped back into our cars for one least stop,
Traditions, ghost mall, out at Budaghers

This one despite my better judgment i followed the group into looking into shop windows, (i just wanted to shoot the windmills.

DSC_9787 DSC_9773

But after a little looking at the shops, we got found by someone who never left his truck, just sat there passive aggressively revving and squealing his tires at our parked cars, he calmed down a bit when we all could be seen to be having cameras, but still just ached like a power hungry psycho in his truck.


So at that we called it a day..

The above photos are just a sampling of photos, more on hagen can be seen here.

All the photos from that days adventure and some info on them can be seen here,

Feel free to comment on the photos on flickr or here, I love comments!

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from: anonymous
date: Apr. 27th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)

Only a property owner can file a trespassing complaint. You are not trespassing unless 1. There is a no trespassing sign with specific wording and of a minimum size specified by city/county ordinance ("stay out" painted on a tire won't cut it) or 2. The property owner (not some random "tour guide" asshole) informs you that you are on private property, asks you to leave, and you refuse to leave. The chances of a sheriff taking the time to respond to Mr. tour guide asshole are zero. HOWEVER, if you know the spot you are going to is on private property, you should ALWAYS exercise courtesy and respect for property rights by asking the owner for permission to enter.

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Re: Trespass

from: killbox
date: Apr. 27th, 2011 02:55 pm (UTC)

Indeed, to be fair, there were other more proper signs, out along the road, but true enough. As for the tour guide, I was not too worried, apparently he put the scare into the other group though. sadly we were not together to talk it over. Not sure how the law stands, but i believe if he was contacted in as a property manager he would have the rights to file a trespassing complaint but yah, I think he just wanted us to bugoff so his paying customers would not feel jipped.

As for exercising the courtesy, the trick often is not being able to findout whom the owner is, even the tourdude was unwiling to tell us whom owned the land, was able to find by keeping him talking that it was owned by the same ranch as the nearby ruins of coyote, (Diamond tail ranch.) and that the owner is "Rich and reclusive". In a city i find i can lookup the tax records, but way out on indian service roads, its pretty tricky to match up a land plot with a county plat and see if that county has an online property parcel lookup.

If anyone has news on whom owns the Diamond Tail Ranch, I'd love to know.

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