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Echos of the past

Albuquerque area Exploring and URBEX
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Exploring both the forgotten, abandoend, and unseen bits of Albuquerque and surrounding areas
Its all just history, mankind builds and destroys and ofen in the middle it's creation stands abandoned. It stands a mute reminder of the moments passed, crumbling antiquity.

The Purpose of this group is to document as much as possible Text, Photo, Links, about what is still out there neat finds, places to look, and hopefully it will serve as a network for similar minded locals to to find.

Am I worried that someone else may photograph one of the sites I have found?? Hell no, the lens is very subjective, id rather have 20 people photo the same thing rather than have nobody photo/remember/explore some place.

As with anything like this there are always dangers, If possible get permission, go with a buddy, wear protective gear, and take responsibility for yourself and your own actions! Don't vandalize! don't destroy!

Heres a link to my UrbEx photos, more links will come as people join, and add links.

A local chap I found via google on Myspace.

A DB of UE locations